Growing Trees in Uganda - Africa 


METGE is helping to change the world - For every one tree cut down we encourage people to replace it with five more trees

In October 2019 the programme celebrated the distribution of 10 million trees.  Thanks to our sponsors,

we are now on course to distribute 25 million trees by 2025 (25/25)

METGE is a 'not for profit' organisation, registered and based in Uganda with its operations mainly restricted  in the Elgon sub-region in the districts of Bududa, Manafwa, Sironko, Namisindwa, Bulambuli and Mbale. 


We are dedicated to -

  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation through the planting of trees

  • Helping communities manage the adverse effects of population growth, deforestation,  farming practices, and the alleviation of poverty

  • Providing tree seedlings to smallholder farmers to grow for food, shade, building, fuel, fodder, nectar for bees and economic benefit

  • Promoting and encouraging community development and diversity with many women  at the forefront of tree planting and beekeeping activities.

  • Managing 56 nurseries and employing over 100 local people through our network of four partners. See locations click here

  • Mapping of trees planted. See distribution click here

  • Investing in beekeeping and other initiatives, which also ensures food security for trees.

  • Actively encouraging and supporting the installation of fuel efficient, clean energy stoves (Lorena & ACE stoves).


METGE is supported by the Welsh Government, 'Wales for Africa' programme and the Size of Wales charity




Help us to plant even more trees that will reduce CO2, mitigating the effects of climate change, helping rural communities reduce poverty by supplying a variety of trees for food, shelter, fuel and other financial benefits.


Before you donate we'd like you to know a bit more about what we do and how your money will be spent. That way you can be confident that what you give is managed through good governance.

METGE can only support it's projects and programme groups with the kind donations of supporters.

We're happy to receive any support you can offer or corporate donations. You're heroes, changing the world for the better.  If you would like support this amazing programme, click here



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Tel: (+256) 0783 350298


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