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Our vision:

Healthy, safe and prosperous communities in the Mount Elgon region.

Our mission:

To enable individuals and communities to see the benefits of growing trees -

  • To mitigate the effects of climate change.

  • To provide sustainable supplies of fuel.

  • To provide shelter and food.

  • To alleviate poverty for today and for future generations.

Our objectives:

  • To plant 10 million trees in the Mount Elgon Region.

  • To manage tree stocks effectively and efficiently through the nursery bed operators network.

  • To monitor and track accurately the distribution of trees planted.

  • To undertake other climate and poverty alleviation initiatives as resources become available.

METGE promotes Agroforestry:

  • It restores the tree habitat destroyed by degradation activities.

  • It improves the condition of soil.

  • It provides sustainable shelter, fuel and food for rural communities.

  • It contributes to the absorption of carbon dioxide and reduces the impact of climate change.

  • It stabilizes the soil and aids water retention.

  • It helps control the effects of landslides in the long term.

  • It creates biodiversity and ecosystem development.

  • It is a suitable habitat for rearing bees, producing quality food products and medicinal honey.

   METGE has its headquarters in Mbale, Uganda, Boma Avenue

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