Our vision:

Healthy, safe and prosperous communities in the Mount Elgon sub-region.

Our mission:

To enable individuals and communities to see the benefits of growing trees -

Our objectives:

  • To plant 25 million trees in the Mount Elgon sub-region.

  • To manage tree stocks effectively and efficiently through the nursery bed operators network.

  • To monitor and track accurately the distribution of trees planted.

  • To undertake other climate and poverty alleviation initiatives as resources become available.

  • To mitigate the effects of climate change.

  • To provide sustainable supplies of fuel.


About us

Nursery Operator

We are dedicated to -

​Climate change adaptation and mitigation through the planting of trees

  • Helping communities manage the adverse effects of population growth, deforestation,  farming practices, and the alleviation of poverty

  • Providing tree seedlings to smallholder farmers to grow for food, shade, building, fuel, fodder, nectar for bees and economic benefit

  • Promoting and encouraging community development and diversity with many women  at the forefront of tree planting and beekeeping activities.

  • Managing 56 nurseries and employing over 100 local people through our network of four partners. See locations click here

  • Mapping of trees planted. 

  • Investing in beekeeping and other initiatives, which also ensures food security for trees.

  • Actively encouraging and supporting the installation of fuel efficient, clean energy stoves (Lorena & ACE stoves).