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Wales and  Africa


The initial governance of the Uganda programme - known as 10 Million Trees - was handled through Mbale Coalition Against Poverty (Mbale CAP).

The project developed and the more specific needs of agricultural work became clearer as a result. It was felt that we needed to specialize, taking us towards a new and important governance structure, able to handle the now complex operations that existed between the Welsh Government and its partners in Uganda.


In 2017, a new  approach was developed to establish a new structure for the tree planting organization in Uganda.  Shortly after that the Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise , was registered as a 'not for profit organization' here in Mbale, Uganda.

The foundations were then laid for a model partnership that links communities of interest with tree planting, agroforestry, beekeeping,  and the empowerment of women in communities within Eastern Uganda.

METGE has moved forward to recruit specialist staff with strong management and agroforestry backgrounds to energize its development and achieve our goal of distributing 10 million trees by 2020 (achieved  in 2019)


We now have the Model Villages Programme which started in the late 2018. This concept builds on the community development successes we've seen up to this point. Building on the successful completion of the 10 million trees planted, the longer term ambition is now to distribute 25 million trees by 2025 (25/25).

We look forward with ambition and optimism, having seen the amazing achievements we've made over these years.  We are confident of success,  both for Uganda and for an enduring relationship with Wales.

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