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METGE occasionally recommends books and articles that may be helpful to understand the challenges involved in the work we undertake.


These are not necessarily publications directly relating to us but are considered good as scholarly articles or for general interest.


Reforestation -


Global Environmental Change: 'What drives the success of reforestation projects in tropical developing countries? The case of the Philippines'

Date 2013

'The largest ever tropical reforestation is planting 73 million trees'. Date 2017

'Uganda registers first forestry project in Africa to reduce global warming emissions'. Date 2009

International Journal of Ecology: 'Ecological Restoration and Reforestation of Fragmented Forests in Kianjavato, Madagascar'. Date 2013


Women and communities:-

'Greater rights for women in Uganda lead to large-scale reforestation'. Date 2018

Human Ecology: 'Families and Firewood: A Comparative Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Children in Firewood Collection and Use in Two Rural Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa'. Date 2006

World Development: 'The Scramble in Africa: Reorienting Rural Livelihoods'. Date 2002

Disaster risk management for health: Climate risk management. Date 2011


Climate change:-

'Deforestation and Climate Change; Reducing Carbon Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation'. Date 2010

Women and communities:-

[Awaiting updates]

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