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Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise is a 'not for profit' organization, registered and based in Mbale City, on plot 29, Boma Avenue senior quarters. We currently work in seven districts: - Bududa, Manafwa, Namisindwa, Mbale, Sironko, Bulambuli and Bukedea promoting livelihood and restoration programmes.


Our vision is to achieve a healthy, safe and prosperous communities in the Mount Elgon region. Therefore, we intend to prequalify service providers for the goods and services as outlined below.



Vehicle servicing and repairs

Maintenance of office premises

Day and night Security

Asset/vehicle tracking services


Garbage Collection


  1. Training in extension models

  2. Filming

Installation of water for irrigation

Nursery construction and welding

Graphic design, branding and printing

Hotel and conference facilities

Outside catering


  1. Vehicles

  2. Medical

Local media (radio airtime)


Beekeeping equipment 

Petroleum products: Fuel, lubricants

Assorted stationery items

Office furniture and fittings

Potting bags

Tree seeds and seedlings

Servicing of vehicles and motorcycles

Farm tools (spades, hoe, panga, and agro inputs)

Protective riding gears

For participation in the bidding process, interested firms/companies  are requested to send their request to and accordingly, application instructions will be shared via a return email. Hand delivered proposals shall also be received after inquiries have been made through the above-mentioned address.

To be eligible, the interested companies or firms must provide copies of;

  1. Certificate of Business Registration or Incorporation

  2. Valid Business Permit /Trading License from the Government  

  3. VAT Registration Certificate/Tax Registration.  

  4. Valid Income Tax Clearance certificate

  5. Credit worthiness certificates from reputed banks.


Deadline for submission of online and hand copies is Friday 17th March 2023(1200hrs)


Please note that METGE reserves the right to accept or reject any applications/proposals and it’s not bound to give reasons for this decision thereof.


Address: Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise, Plot No.29, Boma Avenue, P.O Box 1595 Mbale, Uganda.

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