The METGE Board is a mix of experienced managers, finance professionals, and agricultural specialists with experience in the public and private sector. We share a passion for taking action to minimise the harmful effects of climate change in Uganda, for sustainable development and local communities. And of course - trees!

Peter Ayo:

Peter has an extensive background in agricultural work and education, at local and regional government level, here in Uganda. His specialist areas have been in agricultural development projects, monitoring and evaluation, coordination and conservation. In addition, he is a pastor with a local community church in Mbale. With his retirement from government work in late 2018, he has been able to commit to the METGE family.

Ian Maxwell:

Ian has extensive experience in business from both a private and public sector perspective. He graduated with science degrees and led project teams in developing laser technology. He spent over a decade in international sales, taking up roles in marketing and communications, project and programme management, and industry sector management. He gained an MBA from Warwick Business School and lectured part-time in further education colleges in marketing for over 10 years. Whilst working for the Welsh Government he had the opportunity to visit Uganda, returning on several occasions because of his enthusiasm for how the programme can benefit Uganda, its people and the environment. In 2017 he retired from the Welsh Government and became the founder director of METGE.

Bob Arnold:

Bob has worked in skills training and development in Kenya, Sudan as well as in Uganda for more than 20 years. Bob’s mantra is ‘helping people to help themselves’ and he is passionate about empowering and enabling individuals and communities to work to become self-reliant.  Bob has been involved with the Mbale Tree Planting Project (TPP) since its inception in 2010. Bob’s first-hand involvement of having a tree nursery at Bungokho Rural Development Centre (BRDC) in a previous role is invaluable experience in supporting and driving the long term aims of the organisation.

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