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Mbale trees film recognised at international festival


Sunu Women Tree Planting 

The film was created by Jason Taylor, having been commissioned by Size of Wales, the Welsh Government and Ugandan partner organisation METGE in 2018.

Told by a member of the Sunnu Women’s Group, the film explores how these extraordinary women grow trees for their community to help tackle climate change.


The Sunnu Women’s Group are based in the village of Bisui, Mbale and have played a key role in the success of the Mbale Trees Programme.

Watch featured film at the festival here:

Working in partnership with METGE and groups like the Sunnu Women, the programme aims to plant 25 million trees in the region by 2025 with the support of people in Wales via Size of Wales and the Welsh Government.

In addition to planting trees in this heavily deforested part of Eastern Uganda, the Sunnu Women run a honey co-operative and educate others on the importance of trees through song.


Films for the Forest is an annual international festival organised by the Rainforest Partnership and aims to create awareness about the importance of tropical rainforests through film. 

Size of Wales is proud to be a partner on this year’s event and help bring the festival to European and African audiences. The winning films were decided through a public vote and scoring from a panel of judges.


Anna Harris, Forest Projects and Community Outreach Coordinator for Size of Wales said:

“As a Welsh charity with a global ethos, we are delighted to bring the Sunnu Women to an international audience and for the film to be recognised in this way.

“The Sunnu Women are an inspiring example of a community taking action against a challenge as big as climate change for the benefit of the whole planet. We encourage everyone to learn more about their work as well as the Mbale Trees Programme, which is having a huge impact in the region.”

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