Field observations
23 October, 2108
Story by IPO secondee to the ILO scheme, Neil White.

Banana bother: This rather sickly looking tree was a good reminder that farmers need to be vigilant about the condition of their stock.

At some point this matoke (green banana) picked up an infection. This causes two potential problems, apart from the trees being likely to die.

Firstly it becomes a disease source that can spread to other trees of the same type or even across species. The lobe at the end of the growth stem has completely fallen off., meaning this tree is in trouble. 

The second problem is that this can definitely cause disease to spread amongst insects, especially pollinators like bees.


Speedy action to remove this tree from the area will be important to the health of the plantation.

A fishy tale: Our field officer,  Emma Wamundu, also caught this moment for the record.

This was a unusually large semuntundu (catfish) catch for one of our local farmers, fishing a creek near his home. As compared to the other catches, this was an unexpected find.

This tells us that the river sources are healthy and provide good conditions for the survival and growth of species.

The catch also provided a nutritious meal for local villagers who shared in the catch.

We need to encourage good river management, to help supplement food for the communities and access to beneficial stocks.

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