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Gender and climate justice participants share knowledge on Farmers Voice Radio Programme about gender inclusiveness towards mitigating effects of climate change.


Women in Bumaeana, Bushiende subcounty, Mbale District being trained in vegetable growing in addition to tree planting. This they can do it while utilizing their small plots of land sustainably.


Wanale Model Parish Farmers being trained on Sustainable Land Management Practices (SLM) by the field team.


METGE team planted a tree seedling in Victoria Park Cardiff with the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford to mark 20 million trees distributed in the Mount Elgon sub region.

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METGE team Executive Director George M. Sikoyo, Programme Manager Micheal Sunday, Board Chair Mary Manana with Size of Wales Charity Deputy Director Barbara Davies-Quy and Director Nicola Pulman pause for a photo with the Minister of Social Affairs in the Welsh Government.


Some of METGE's nurseries have been upgraded to support in high quality seedlings production.


Busano water point was also commissioned early last year to support water access at Busano Nursery.


Namatsale Nursery water point in Namatsale was commissioned early this year to support water access at the nursery.


METGE trains some beekeeping groups on how to make beehives.


Organized communities like Khanje in Mbale District get tree seedlings upon request.


From extreme left is the Executive Director METGE George Sikoyo, witnessing the planting of a tree by her Excellence the Vice President of Uganda Jessica Alupo at Botanical Gardens Entebbe, where she was the guest of honor for the National Tree Planting Day 2022.


Ms Barbara Davies-Quy Deputy Chair Size of Wales shares a light moment with Farmers Voice Radio Listener Group members from Namagumba who got radios to follow METGE's Farmers Voice Radio Programme.


From Right to Left: Executive Director METGE George Sikoyo , Her Excellence Jessica Alupo the Vice President of Uganda and the Marketing and Communications Manager Ms Joanita Mbabazi pause for a photo at Entebbe Botanical Gardens on the National Tree Planting Day.


Mr Sunday Michael Project Officer METGE shares a brief overview of what METGE is doing with Sironko District leaders recently.


METGE Executive Director George Sikoyo and Board Member Mr Bob Arnorld sign an Memorandum of Understanding with Sironko District leaders recently.


Ms Barbara Davies-Quy Deputy Chair Size of Wales and Bob Arnold Board Member and the Project staff of Salem Uganda Maale Abubakari share a light moment with beneficiaries of the TPP project in Namgumba Village.


Ms Barbara Davies-Quy Deputy Chair Size of Wales and Board Member METGE Mr Bob Arnold visited the project staff in March 2022.


The British High Commissioner Kate Airey plants a tree on her courtesy visit to Bumaeana Nursery Site in Mbale District.


Kate Airey British High Commissioner pauses in a photo with Bumaeana Women Tree Planting Group.


Nursery operators taken through practical training in the field on seed germinability and handling.

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Tree Nursery Bed Operators under go a training on basic forestry practices.


Programme team members attend a training on the Farmers Voice Radio Programme.


Bee farmers learning how to smoke the hive before harvesting honey.


A bee farmer reads a beekeeping training guide to assist him improve on his beekeeping practices.


Mr. Stephen Mugusha the Forestry Officer Sironko District witnessing the distribution of free seedlings to bee farmers in Sironko District.


Mrs Mary Manana hands over the new Toyota pickups donated to Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise from the Welsh Government to support on tree seedling distributions.


Mr Patrick Akudo Board Member METGE and Mr Godfrey Natwaluma Programme Manager METGE handover a solar water pump to the community in Namagumba to supply water for watering seedlings at the nursery and for use to the community.


The newly installed modernized solar water pump at Namagumba tree nursery site which is controlled by our implementing partner Salem-Uganda. The water pump is to provide water for irrigating tree seedlings.


Mr John Namunya the nursery operator at Namagumba nursery site irrigates tree seedlings with water from the solar water pump.


Women at work giving a helping hand for the construction of the solar water pump at Namagumba Nursery.

Upgrading of a solar water pump by Water & Irrigation Relief NGO at Namagumba nursery which is under our Implementing Partner Salem Uganda to provide water for seedling and for use by the community. This work is sponsored by the Welsh Government.

METGE Beekeeping training to improve livelihoods through tree planting,2021.


Members of Yetana Beekeeping Group being taught to clean their beehives by Mr Godmercy Kamende the beekeeping project officer.


METGE donates beehives and beekeeping equipment to bee farmers.


Kolonyi Women Beekeeping Group receive beekeeping equipment from METGE.

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Bukhadala Nursery Bed established in Murumba Village, Hajonga Parish, Manafwa District under our Implementing Partner Share An Opportunity Uganda recently.

At a handover ceremony of our contribution to the 40m campaign by the ministry to green the country, 2021 at METGE office.

At a handover ceremony of our contribution to the 40m campaign by the ministry to green the country, 2021 at METGE office.

Group Photo of the British High Commission Courtesy visit at METGE central office, March 2, 2021.

At a handover ceremony of our contribution to the 40m campaign by the ministry to green the country, 2021 at METGE office.

Handover of new motorcycles to IP data clerks.


School Children pick tree seedlings from Namagumba Tree Nursery Bed.

Seedling distribution.

Seedling distribution 2021

Mr Alex Harris from the Welsh Government teaches IP on the new data collection system to map trees t

Mr Alex Harris from the Welsh Government teaching IPs the new data collection system.

METGE through its IPs helps communities construct Lorena energy saving stoves to improve livelihoods,2021.

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