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News : METGE joins ROOTs campaign under the Ministry of Water and Environment to spearhead tree planting in Bugisu subregion

METGE celebrated the 21 million milestone in 2022

METGE celebrated the 15 million milestone in 2020

Climate change is a threat global leaders should come up with solutions 

METGE  works with individual farmers, insitutions, groups 

METGE has trained bee farmers to do beekeeping to reap from it as one way of attracting them to plant trees because bees need forage to thrive.

Uplifting the plight of rural women, METGE has constructed smoke free lorena stoves for them and use less firewood 

In March, 2022, Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise, International Tree Foundation (ITF) and Masaka District LandCare Chapter (MADLACC) started implementing the Gender and Climate Justice Project with support and funding from Hub Crymru Africa and the Welsh Government. 

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