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METGE supports TNBO’s in basic forestry practice training

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 In class sharing of knowledge to nursery operators about seed germination and purity among other issues.

 Nursery operators under MEACCE being shown how to prepare a nursery bed.

Tree planting is Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise’s (METGE) main role. The aim is to mitigate climate change effects and therefore capacity building is necessary for all the Tree Planting Project staff. 

METGE through the implementing partners that is Bungokho Rural Development Centre (BRDC), Share an Opportunity Uganda (SAO), Salem Brotherhood Uganda and Mount Elgon Community Cooperative Enterprise (MEACCE), supported a team to conduct a training for Tree Nursery Bed Operators (TNBO’s) and Community Facilitators (CF’s). 

The training was  on seed purity, viability and germination testing, nursery establishment and management, agroforestry systems and practices, organic manure and pesticide making.

Mr Alex Mwambu the Community Facilitator Namagumba, admited that he did not know how to mix soil ratios properly and identifyplants he could use to make plant tea as pesticide. But through the training he has learnt to do so.

In addition, he says, “such refresher training enables them to continue improving on their skills and performance in nurturing tree seeds and  raising them carefully until they germinate into ready seedlings to be picked by farmers for planting”.

“When we raise healthy seedlings, we minimize on losses and also ensure farmers take high quality seedlings and subsequently the survival rates in the fields become higher especially when it’s the right planting season,” Mwambu says.

TNBO'S  undergoing basic refresher training in agroforestry practices.jpg

The nursery operator from Bumunsi Nursery Tecla Nanyama carefully being taught how to water seeds in the nursery bed.

According to Ms Nuembe Safira the nursery operator of Kajeli, the training enhanced their skills in seed bed management and how to sow seed. 

“Sometimes you sow seed and you find that it’s only a few that is germinating and you wonder what happened. But through practical lessons the trainers showed us how to sow and prick seedlings with care before we do the actual potting,” Ms Nuembe says.

According to Mr Hadaya Abbey the Community Facilitator of Wabomba cell Mbale District, there is need to motivate the community and educate them more about tree planting. 


To Hadaya, this can be done in schools and religious institutions such as churches and mosques.  These can educate their congregations about tree planting, at events such as funerals, weddings and village meetings.


The tree planting team can educate people about the availability of ready seedlings for planting to protect communities from calamities such as landslides and constant drought and in addition trees support the carbon cycle in our communities and supply fresh air.

“We also have to be exemplary by planting trees around our homes were we stay to show the community why they have to plant also,” he adds. 

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