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Healthy, safe and prosperous communities in the Mount Elgon region.


To enable individuals and communities to see the benefits of growing trees, mitigating the effects of climate change, providing sustainable supplies of fuel, shelter and food, and alleviating poverty for today and for future generations.

Overall Objective:

To help the local community in the region adapt to climate change, to mitigate the effect of climate change, and to improve livelihoods. 

Growing trees in community-based nurseries and distributing them freely to individuals and others, with the aim of increasing the variety, and coverage of trees in the general Mbale and Mt Elgon regions.


Encouraging people in the mountain Elgon region to adopt modern agroforestry techniques in order to improve soil retention and quality, family nutrition and protection from storm damage.


Providing technical and advisory services to farmers in the Mt Elgon region to promote activities complementary to tree growing such as bee keeping, the construction and distribution of fuel-efficient stoves and coffee production.


Carrying out any other business or activity which may seem capable of being conveniently done in connection with any activity of the organization

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