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New Beginnings

Ian Maxwell, Director, METGE
June 2019

Our newest tree nursery at the African Rural Development Initiative (ARDI) was the centre of some excitement as the first distribution of tree seedlings took place.

Joseph Weyusya (nearest camera) the Director at ARDI has been enthusiastic about the establishment of the nursery.

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Farmers make a selection of tree species 

Over 35 farmers assembled to received initial training on caring for trees, tree species and to receive trees of their choice.


Farmers gathered from the parishes of Butemulani, Kisawayi and also the Lwgkhakha Town Council.  While most of the farmers want to plant trees in their compounds and as agroforestry trees with crops there is also an additional plan. To plant roadside trees where they once existed on a three km stretch between Bumusomi and Bukhalungu/Bulyuli. 


Julius, the tree nursery bed operator has done a magnificent job in establishing this new nursery from scratch and to achieve the productivity we see today.  As the demand for trees in the area is rising rapidly.

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