Main programme

METGE  is delivering the Mbale Trees Programme, and was created initially to take on governance, management and financial responsibilities, in 2017.  Central to METGE's role is the development of strategies to reduce the harmful effects of climate change and seek solutions that come from rural communities in Uganda.


The Mbale Trees Programme was focused on the distribution the 10 Million Trees until this was achieved in 2019 and now plans to distribute 25 million tress by 2025 with partner organisations, sponsored by the Welsh Government, Wales and Africa Programme and th Size of Wales charity


Mbale Trees Programme  is also active on Twitter.

Other projects

METGE also runs some other important projects: 

The Model Villages approach:  Initiated by METGE in 2018 and part of the tree planting project, is a new approach to rural community engagement and tree planting by concentrating support in villages around our network of tree nurseries.  This has a number of benefits to the communities in these villages by offering a much more dedicated and holistic approach to farmers. This will allow much more insightful monitoring and assessment of the impact of agro-forestry in a defined area. This has been a successful intervention and had transitioned into a Model Parish approach to expand the catchment area around nurseries and serve more communities.

Bee Consultancy: METGE offers consultancy to bee-keeping groups in the Mount Elgon region that have witnessed a decline in colonisation and other issues detrimental to healthy hives and the production of honey.  Our beekeeping expert is active with seven bee-keeping groups currently.

It is part of METGE's ambition to plant 25 Million Trees by 2025 (25/25) and to increase livelihoods within rural communities.   For this we are interested in collaborating  with other sponsors that are active in climate change and other allied areas of interest. 


METGE gives professional management and financial support to partner organisations with specific projects and programmes linked to tree growing.


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