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Procurement policy

The METGE procurement policy sets out the procurement practices and the actions followed by METGE.

These are broadly in line with the Wales Government Procurement Policy. It complements and adapts the '10 principles' and how they will be achieved.

METGE's '10 procurement principles':

1. Strategic - We organise and understand our expenditure to influence early planning, service design and decision making; to support the delivery of our objectives.


2. Professionally resourced – procurement will be subject to an appropriate level of professional involvement and influence. We will achieve certified levels of accounting and auditing practices.

3. Economic, social and environmental Impact - Value for money should always be considered; generating efficiency savings and good quality outcomes for the organisation. It should also benefit the community as a whole, the economy and the environment, now and in the future. We do not discriminate or favour on the basis of race, religion or gender.

4. Community benefits – delivery of social, economic and environmental benefit, through effective application of community benefits policy in our mission and agro-forestry strategy must be an integral consideration in procurement.

5. Open, accessible competition – contract opportunities are open to all and smaller, local suppliers are not precluded from winning contracts individually, as consortia, or through roles within the supply chain.

6. Simplified, standard processes – procurement processes should be open and transparent and based on standard approaches. We will use systems that appropriately minimise complexity, cost, timescales and requirements for suppliers. We will pay in a timely way, reducing the cost and burden on suppliers.

7. Working together – we will work with partner organisations to reduce cost by using our collective strength to negotiate with suppliers.

8. Supplier Engagement and Innovation – dialogue with suppliers should be improved to help get the best response from the market place, to inform and educate suppliers, and to deliver optimum value for money.

9. Policy development and implementation – will be be based on the METGE values and objectives.

10. Measurement and Impact – in accordance with good management practice, procurement performance and outcomes should be monitored to support continuous improvement, and examples of good and poor practice openly shared.

How will these be achieved?

1. METGE holds regular governance meetings, to which we are individually and collectively accountable as Directors and Managers, to our donor organisations.

2. We will provide regular financial updates and annual, audited accounts in accordance with our company registration commitments and company rules.

3. We will post contract specifications on this site, linking with our social media accounts, and share submitted tenders and bids with donors, justifying our decision making process.

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