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Newsletter Issue 3: March 2021

Suunu villager receive the land transfer

Sunu beekeepers enjoy sweet success

September 20, 2018
Story by ILO secondee Neil White from the IPO, Newport, UK.
In September 2018, METGE concluded a prolonged negotiation to provide funding for and construction of 40 beehives presented to Sunu Village Beepkeepers.

This included the generous donation of land from a local community member, for which we are all grateful, as well as grants from the Wales for Africa programme.

Suunu village beekeeprs receive 40 hives
Sunu Village showed great determination
This project was a particular success for women in the village, who organised the beekeeping model, and created a committee to promote the initiative.
They were supported by an appointed METGE volunteer, Juliette Namono, who arrange beekeeping courses for villagers in preparation for the delivery of hives.
It's estimated that these will produce around 200 litres of honey annually, and will boost the economy of the village substantially.
The success has allowed METGE to consider Sunu for 'Model Village' status - a new initiative to promote exemplar projects in other areas of Uganda.
Update 09/10/2012:
METGE revisited the community to be told that 2 of the new hives had already attracted bee colonies that appeared to be very active. This was incredibly encouraging news and the siting of the hives was in forestry previously planted under the Mbale Trees Programme, '1o million trees'.
Suunu forest active beehive.jpg
Suunu forest hive.jpg
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